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Although this might not seem related to diet, what we take in our bodies comes from the air we breath, the lotions we put in our hair and on our skin, and the foods and liquids we consume. We are immersed in a sea of antigens, chemicals and toxins that put a relentless strain on our immune systems. In fact, you have over five hundred unwanted chemicals that have been absorbed through the food that you eat and the environment. If the food you eat is going to help your body to heal, give it a head start by cleaning up your immediate environment.

bulletDon't smoke. 90% of people that get lung cancer, smoke.  In most cases, lung cancer can not be cured. In the 4000 chemicals in cigarette tobacco, there are 43 known carcinogens.
bulletAir filtration systems: for your home and office, and keep the filters clean.
bulletWater filtration systems: the best seem to be the reverse osmosis type. Avoid all chlorinated or fluoridated water. Some recommend adding two drops of bleach to the intake of your water filter every month or so, though, half an ounce of hydrogen peroxide (30%) might be better.
bulletThrow out all your skin lotions, soaps, and hair sprays. Find a health care professional to advise on what you can use that is not toxic.
bulletThrow out all your cleaning supplies. Shop for non-toxic cleaning supplies. Avoid long hot showers. In 1990 the EPA placed hot showers on their list of cancer sources. Not only do the carcinogens in your water supply get into your skin during a hot shower, you breath in the carcinogenic steam. Thus, a filtration system added to your shower is also recommended.
bulletFood grade Hydrogen Peroxide (30%): have some on hand in your refrigerator. It is strong and should be treated as a dangerous substance (a splash in your eyes can cause blindness). Mix up a three percent solution, the instructions are on the bottle. Put some in a spray bottle. Use it to clean up any meat drippings. Wash your veggies in it, or spray and rinse.
bulletEnforce a "No Shoes In This House" policy. Shoes drag in toxins from outdoors. The Japanese know this.
bulletIf you have an attached garage, when you come home, keep the garage door open, exit through the garage door and enter the house through the front door. You would not believe the levels of carbon dioxide found in homes with attached garages.


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